Chronic Illness

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m so sorry since some sort of pain probably drew you here. I understand, I really do, and I wish this wasn’t the case for you. But, I can personally say that God is still good even in our pain and He wastes nothing.

And if you haven’t been personally touched by pain or are reading this because someone you care about has, and this is more academic, thank you for taking the time to understand because your empathy will definitely be needed and appreciated in your circles at some point.

Secondly, you aren’t alone and if you are anything like me, knowing this makes a huge difference. And, as always, God Himself promised to be faithful.


Every Chronic Illness Story is Different. Here’s Mine:

I’ve had fibromyalgia as long as I can remember; aches and pains permeated preschool, but constant pains were my normal so much so that I didn’t even realize that pain was always there. It just was

In high school, things hit a breaking point with my body. Competetive swimming and a punishing academic schedule combined with my part-time job and church events ate up all the reserves I had left. The girl who had been running miles found it hard to simply walk.

It took a while, but finally, the monster that felt like it was consuming my body alive had a name: fibromyalgia. And bloodwork revealed that my immune system looked sketchy too, but not enough to give it a name – just enough to be something else to haunt me.
UG Icy Peach Tree

Grief turned life upside down.

At seventeen, most high school seniors are ready to go chase dreams. I wasn’t.

My carefully mapped out plans had to change completely because, even though I fought to grow healthier, this disease will be with me for the rest of my life. It was a profound loss, but in my many conversations with God, He gently reminded me that I only have one life and spending it bitter about being sick is fruitless.  Life doesn’t have to stop just because we’re sick.

I started writing about it.

UG Spring Peach Blossom

I have been amazed how God has used this incredibly painful thing for unbelievable good. And while things are going to probably go downhill for me, God’s faithfulness in the past always reminds me that He will be in the future. Even if things get worse.

There is Peace. And Hope. And Grace.


Living in pain has brought some wonderful resources into my path for dealing with chronic illness and keeping a Godly perspective on it all.  Please check out my articles about things I’ve been learning through pain and links to other ministries that have been encouraging for me.  I try to keep this list updated, but you can always click the chronic illness and pain tags to see what is new. Also, I love comments and please know that I read everything and am thrilled to pray for you.


Uncommon Grace: Dealing With Chronic Illness

 The Problem of Pain – About the “whys” of pain, illness, and suffering.

Other Chronic Illness Resources – one Godly woman’s story with fibromyalgia.

You can purchase her book, Break Free: Journey with God Through Chronic Illness to Health. It was a huge encouragement to me and would be helpful for others struggling with chronic illness personally or if you simply know someone who is.

(Please note this is an affiliate link- you will not pay more using it, but your support helps with this site’s operating costs. Thank you! See Disclosure Policy for more information). – a website devoted to serving those with all kinds of chronic illnesses founded by a Godly woman, Lisa Copen.  I feel honored to have been a contributor, especially after all the encouragement I’ve been given.  Here are links to my articles with them and check out the other writers too; they are wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Chronic Illness

  1. I suffer and no one is helping ,i am disabled and am being ditched and abused for not being succesful by my own family and my wife is to busy in another state helping my stepdaughter because she is ill.I have been abandoned to live in pain and have no purpose but to care for my dogs as only they seem to understand.I love Jesus with all my heart and dont understand why he has me on this path.Please pray for me.sincerely jeff


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