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Thanks for browsing! Photography for me has always been a way to capture a sliver of the beauty surrounding us. I’m no longer able to draw and paint with the autoimmune arthritis in my hands, so photography has become my preferred artistic medium. All purchases go to support this site and my family.

I offer 5″x7″ up to 30″x40″ canvas prints, glossy or matte prints, and digital images for personal use. Digital images will be delivered electronically, and for some items, local pick up is free. Shipping is available for an additional fee. Contact me for pricing because I’d like to give you the best deal possible and that’s dependent on current printing rates.

Please note: All the images on this site are my own in addition to this gallery, so if you see something you like that isn’t listed here, please know that is also available for purchase.

Noir collection

I love the simplicity of black and white images the beauty in imperfection. This collection is based on this contrast and showcases the often gritty texture that tells the story of the passage of time.

Where I Stand
In Parallel
Tight Rope
Silent Tracks
Now or Then
Tell It Like It Is
Echoes of the Past
View from Olympus
History of Hope

Natural collection

One of my favorite things to photograph are natural landscapes. I’m always hit by the wonder of such amazing places like national parks and how small these places can make us feel. It’s been on my bucket list to take my kids on a cross-country road trip–and this adventure presented the perfect opportunity to create this collection.

Not Bad
Shelter Me
Below the Surface
Falling Forest
Highs and Lows

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