Knowing God

Knowing God has changed my life.

I am often asked why I have done everything that I have. Why did I want to foster when I was just 29? Why did I want to adopt when I already had biological kids? Why did I serve in the nursery at church for years when I have a chronic illness and am usually tired? Why do I want to stay in our three bedroom, two bath house when we have four kids?

Why I want to make different decisions basically boils down to Christ.

I was lost and now I’m found thanks to Jesus death on the cross to pay for my sins, according to John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

God’s grace is the reason I’m here today, doing what I am doing. He’s not just a part of my life, He is my life. I believe anybody can have this peace and purpose that I do simply by believing in Him as savior. My decisions are all influenced by this life-changing grace and I am trying to live the life I know He has for me.

UG Wet Feet

No matter how badly I mess up, His grace and mercy abounds and He teaches us in the big ways and in the small. Knowing God changes everything: our relationships, desires, thoughts, actions, and ultimately, our purpose. It has the power to bring reconciliation and significance to our lives. Who He is matters.

UG Park Bridge

God is continually teaching and refining me. I share about what I am learning throughout almost all of my posts, but this list is a good place to start if you are new to Uncommon Grace:

The Beginnings of Community – Our need for community comes from the character of God.

In Pursuit of Peace – Finding true peace in God in the midst of the craziness of life.

The Celebration of Character – Celebrating Fathers’ Day and the character of God.

By The Numbers – Finding Our Value in God rather than in man’s approval.

The Primacy of Scripture – Why we need to read scripture first.

The Problem of Pain – How God works in our lives even when it hurts.

The Mess – God works through us despite our messy lives.  No one has it all together; God does.

Grace Versus Guilt – Learning to live in grace and being set free from guilt.

Just a Little Scared – We can’t live in fear, but an absence of fear means we’ve become complacent.

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