Welcome to Uncommon Grace!

I’m so glad that you stopped by! Uncommon Grace is all about trusting and letting God work in our lives.

Grace is anything but common. In our “earn it” kind of society, the idea of a completely free gift is met with complete skepticism.  Jesus works differently. The God of our world gave His precious Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for our sins through His death in a profoundly terrible way on the cross.  Most people won’t give of their excess; Jesus gave His life. Uncommon.

This uncommon grace needs to mark all of our lives if we choose to follow Christ. Grace wasn’t cheap for Him to give so we shouldn’t live as if it was.

UG Sun through Trees

I’m a wife, mom of three biological sons, foster mom to a precious little girl and follower of Christ.

As a foster parent, I am often at Social Services attempting to keep our youngest son from pushing the panic buttons he inevitably finds. I don’t really blame him: he likes police officers and he enjoys seeing them. He’ll probably be banned soon…

I’ve had fibromyalgia since I was in preschool. While absolutely not fun, we manage with a lot of laughter, some tears, and by leaning heavily on Christ. He’s used this to refine me and make me go deeper. I don’t have the energy for fluffy Christianity; chronic illness keeps me authentic and intentional.

Though I live in the South, I am still a Southern Californian at heart since I think flip-flops are acceptable in any weather. You can find me reading, taking photos, and writing when not chasing children away from panic buttons.

I’m not special; God is. Anything good I do is solely due to God’s grace and His work in my life. That is why the stories I share really aren’t about me; they are about God. He’s the hero of this story and I hope that you can find encouragement through this at Uncommon Grace.



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