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I’m so glad that you stopped by today. This blog has been a project that, if I’m completely honest, started when I was in elementary school. My early attempts were tiny pages stapled together with wrapping covers. Luckily, I outgrew that phase (and ran out of my favorite 80’s dusty pink heart wrapping paper!), started writing professionally, and began sharing my story. Hint: God has always been the Hero around here.

At Biola University, I was challenged to see God in everything. I kept coming back to two words, αγαπη and χαρις. The first word, agape, is the word Jesus used when he asked the disciples if they loved Him. It’s an all-in-kind of love. It’s the king of love I want to be characterized by because of the second word, grace.

Grace, phew. Grace is a gift to everyone, especially a recovering perfectionist like me.

So now, a few years later, and a couple bio kids, foster kids, and an adopted daughter, a chronic illness diagnosis, a ton of coffee, and even more laughter, I’ve realized that always comes back to God. Even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time…

Because God is good even when things aren’t and He wastes nothing.

So why Uncommon Grace?

Grace is anything but common. In our “earn it” kind of society, the idea of a completely free gift is met with complete skepticism. Jesus works differently. The God of our world gave His precious Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for our sins through His death in a profoundly terrible way on the cross.  Most people won’t give of their excess, but Jesus gave His life – uncommon.

This uncommon kind of grace needs to mark all of our lives if we choose to follow Christ. Grace wasn’t cheap for Him to give so we shouldn’t live as if it was.

UG Sun through Trees

Who I am.

I’m a professional writer, wife, mom of three biological sons, former foster mom, and now adoptive mom to a precious little girl and follower of Christ. Not necessarily in that order though.

Coffee drinker. Guinea pig protector. Editor. Chauffer. Chef. Financial writer. Vegan. Photographer. Baroness. The crazy sister. Fibromyalgia and autoimmune patient. Former homeschooler. I have a ton of labels, but my favorite is daughter of the king.

And, naturally, hilarity ensues.

As a foster parent, I could often be found at Social Services attempting to keep our youngest son from pushing the panic buttons he inevitably finds. I didn’t really blame him–he likes police officers. He just enjoys seeing them storm into visitation rooms apparently.

I’ve had fibromyalgia since I was in preschool and now my immune system is out of whack. While absolutely not fun, we manage with a lot of laughter, some tears, a sugar-free and grain-free vegan diet, and by leaning heavily on Christ. And I’ve found a silver lining: chronic illness keeps me authentic and intentional since I don’t have time or energy for fluff.

Adoption has shaped who we are as a family in the best way even though there are a lot of days that I’m entirely frazzled dealing with the aftershocks of trauma. And protecting the guinea pig from a makeup-happy child who I’m sure will be going to beauty school some day. Did you know guinea pigs will scream if they see a person they don’t like?

Though I live in the South, I am still a Southern Californian at heart since I think flip-flops are acceptable in any weather. After a decade here, I’ve finally graduated to Toms when it snows. You can find me reading, taking photos, and writing when not chasing children away from panic buttons.

God’s the hero of this story and I hope that you can find encouragement through this at Uncommon Grace.


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