UG 3 Boys on Trail

This week has been interesting. I’ve written before how life is never dull with three boys, but the saga continues. (click here for the previous hilarity)

I have decided that having a two-year old boy share a room with an infant is not really the best of ideas. Jackson loves to sing. The problem with this is that his singing precludes sleeping: his own and that of my foster daughter.

He loves to serenade her for hours. Literally hours. “Let it Go” was repeated over and over and over again. Just that phrase though. He only knows the words “let it go” and repeats them and occasionally throws in “the cold never bothered me anyway” for good measure. Somehow our dvd of Frozen was misplaced 😉

We are also potty training. I’ve had to up the ante and am now giving Jackson whole Oreos because he likes diapers. However, you know your child is ready to potty train when they ask for a diaper when they need to go.

Jackson got really mad at me this past week because I wouldn’t give him more water to drink after a couple of accidents. He yelled, “You’re not listening to me!” Again, more evidence that he is indeed ready to potty train since he is engaging in what appears to be rational argumentation.

I think this is another episode of God reminding me that I need patience. As much as marriage is a refining institution, I believe parenthood might actually be more so.

I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to give myself a deadline for the book I am writing. My plan was to finish my manuscript by mid July. I broke it down into daily quotas for writing and I was making substantial progress.

Then “Let it Go” took over nap time. Potty training took precedence. The chain lock on the front door broke and now Jackson thinks it is great fun to sneak out of the house to go play on the swing set in the backyard. I’ve now had two near heart attacks. Our foster daughter started crawling… She found a puzzle piece that was missing, but I don’t think it is ever going to dry out enough to regain its original shape.

We changed to computer password and incredibly frustrated the eight and six-year olds. They got up at six in the morning “for nothing” in their opinion. I broke up an argument over whether a minute was “66 minutes long”. I moved my books since our foster daughter tried to devour the Bible, literally. I’ve explained that the guinea pig cannot run inside of a ball made for a  hamster. I’ve also rescued said guinea pig from an over-zealous toddler. I spent a while trying to find the missing club sized bottle of hand sanitizer.

In short, parenting took precedence, in its usual hilarious way around here.

Even though deadlines are great, I think I was falling back into my habit of trying to do things on my terms instead of God’s. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. It is like the hike we took the boys on a couple of weeks ago; we ended up right where we started, but the time was well spent. Sometimes I need to learn the lessons I am trying to communicate a little better before I share them. God is really good at giving me humility.

I think this is a writer’s life. Periods of great productivity marred by periods of great distraction. I used to look at the distractions as something negative until this round of them. They are part of the refining process. If I am not growing, there can be no productivity later.

This is true for all sorts of things. Our work can only be as good as we allow God to work in us. No matter what we are pouring ourselves into, we can only give as much as God pours into us.

So I gave the kids some chores and activities and sat down to write again, feeling like I had learned my lesson and could again embark upon my work.

My six-year-old Luke was supposed to be vacuuming the stairs, but the vacuum was making the strangest noise. I looked up to see his face covered with vivid red circles as he tried to get the hose to stick to his cheek and suck up his lips.

The lesson in patience and perseverance continues…

4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. HA HA! I love this! What great fodder for your book they’re providing, yes?

    Oh, and on a serious note, I agree. So often the journey is more important than the destination. Or maybe the destination is IN the journey …

    Nice to have you with us at Unforced Rhythms.


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